Jeffry Williams

Jeff created Worldwide Tech Connections to provide Language as a Service in a fast and accurate translation into 78 languages in real-time. This unique platform boasts the only Speech to Speech API. With a complete communication suite, Worldwide Tech Connections can help communication through phone calls, TV and Movie subtitles, forms and online meetings. Jeff bridges a unique gap in technology & linguistics through a storied and highly accredited career in the Entertainment Industry.

Prior to founding Worldwide Tech Connections, Jeff was headliner and choreographer in Las Vegas, NV. Jeff received a Key to the City of Montgomery, Alabama, for his work in the Arts. Jeff also held the position as Head Dance Instructor at Disneyworld. He is remembered for receiving the 2003 Latin Music Award for Best Concert (La Magia Del Ritmo, Olga Tanon Rhythm Is Magic), Jeff also won Best Show of Las Vegas for Joe Jack Swing at the Riviera and tirelessly volunteers in aiding ministry throughout North America.

With his exceptional passion, work ethic and commitment, Jeff was a Gold Medalist at the 1991 World Tap Championships in Germany.